Moda de la Mode




    The promotion and nurturing of emerging talent is Moda de la Mode's core focus and this is at the centre of everything published on the website and in the magazine. Moda de la Mode represents the future and the bohemian side of the industry. We are not trend led but people led; we value creativity over price tags and are not swayed by what others think. Moda de la Mode began as a blog created by Grace Molan back in November 2010. The idea behind the blog was to create a space online where emerging talent from across the globe had a platform on which to be featured and expose their work to a global audience. The idea took off and within a couple of months there were demands for a magazine. Now the blog has changed into a fully-fledged website and the magazine has reached its third issue. The Moda de la Mode team has grown and now includes Grace Molan as Editor and Mason Moore as Design Director, as well as a host of creative individuals contributing to the magazine.