Modern Analog Clock




    Are you looking for a cute clock widget with modern themes? Then this ★ Modern Analog Clock ★ is the perfect choice for you! This brand new date and time widget is not only functional and useful, but will also beautify your screen in the coolest way. This wonderful clock collection has something for everyone! Have fun customizing your personal time widget display that will make you feel unique every time you look at your phone. Set alarm and pick alarm sounds you like the most and wake up in the morning on time thanks to your new soothing alarm clock. Telling the time has never been easier and fun now that you have your personalized modern clock! Get this date and time app widget and customize it with many beautiful designs for free!

    ★ Modern Analog Clock ★ features:

    *** Design your own cool clocks with this fancy widget!
    *** You need to ADD the widget to the HOME SCREEN!
    *** Go to MENU and tap 'ADD' or tap an empty space on your screen until 'ADD TO HOME SCREEN' pop-up window appears!
    *** Initially, you will get five beautiful clock themes and the rest will unlock over the following days!
    *** Pick your favorite modern design clock face for your time and date widget!
    *** Tap your clock widget to move or scale it!
    *** Set wake up alarm by swiping through the digits on the home screen!
    *** Modern clock with the most beautiful designs and themes!

    *** New modern design analog clock collection! ***

    Forget about wearing a watch every single day! Now you can know the “current time” and never be late to important events or a business meeting! This cool battery saving analog clock has everything you need. There is a wonderful selection of cool skins for customizing the ideal “clock face”. Decorate your time widget and select the color combination that matches your cool wallpapers or even live backgrounds! Choose your favorite alarm sounds and wake up with a smile thanks to your smart alarm clock. Don't miss the chance to customize your phone with this original sleek design time and date widget!

    *** Modern analog clock themes with cute designs! ***

    Beautify your screen with one of the most useful apps on the market! Make time widget display for your home screen and decorate the clock face with amazing modern themes and match it to your favorite cute wallpapers. If you are looking for best gadgets for “telling the time”, this modern clock widget is just what you need! Apart from many awesome themes and cool skins, this date and time app widget is also a modern alarm clock. Set time by swiping the digits on your alarm clock software and pick your favorite “alarm ringtones”. This world time widget is just a click away, so here is your chance to try it for free!

    *** Incredible phone widget for telling the time efficiently! ***

    If you like modern design, you will certainly fall in love with this ★ Modern Analog Clock ★! This cool time widget is highly functional. It will perfectly go with any wallpaper design and decorate your phone in the unique way. You can customize your clock design and express your creativity however you want. Find the most efficient way to get the exact current time with one of the trendiest and latest gadgets. This date and time widget is also a fantastic analog alarm clock! Set alarm and notification tones and wake up in the morning to your favorite alarm sounds. All your friends will be impressed and want to get the same fancy date widget as yours! Download and install this amazing analog clock widget with modern design and you will never need other time gadgets again!

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