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    Published: 2018-03-14, by .

    It prevents texting to the wrong contact

    • Simple yet useful
    • Lightweight app
    • Original solution to a common problem
    • Can't control texts sent out from other messaging apps

    "A real life saver!"


    Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? If you did, you already know how embarrassing it can be. Momblocker is the app to prevent this from happening. Everytime you hit the send button Momblocker will make sure you are sending the message to the right person by asking it to you directly. That dialogue can save you the awkwardness and the apologies.

    When you give the green light to send the message to a contact, the app will let you keep sending texts to that same person for the next 30 minutes by default to not get in the way of a conversation. Perfect app for traumatized users or just cautious.


    The app does exactly what it tells you. It has a simple design and an interface that is easy to operate. Also, Momblocker is a very lightweight app so it won’t take much storage on your phone.


    It is a great and original idea to apply the "are you sure?" window dialogue to a texting scenario, but Momblocker just works for messages sent directly from this app. That means that messages sent from other apps like Whatsapp or Telegram are out of its control.

    Christian M

    by Christian M

    Mar 14, 2018


    MomBlocker is a texting app that interfaces with your regular phone number, then syncs with your contacts so that when you send a text to someone in your contacts a prompt will appear asking if you are sure you mean to send the text. And so as not to be a nuisance, by default it won’t ask again for that contact for 30 minutes.

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