Montfort took its' name from a historical landmark in Middle East, Montfort castle, with a graceful history of it's time. It was built so strong that some of it's walls have still survived today, reminding us of great human achievements and gratitude of time.

    Montfort means "strong hill" or "mountain fortress" in French. In 1226 French Crusaders built a castle fortress in Middle East. At some point they have sold the castle to German Crusader knights of Teutomic Order. Many have tried to conquer the castle for years and in 1271 Mamluk Sultan Baibars has succeeded in conquest, who let the castle inhabitants leave the palace with their possessions. The Mamluk army has destroyed the palace to prevent re-occupation of crusaders, and left the ruins we see today.

    The History of Montfort’s Mediterranean Cusiine from the Shoufany Family.

    Growing up I had the opportunity to be a part of the most incredible experiences of what the true meaning of tradition Mediterranean Cuisine is!

    We learned from my mother when we were very young how to grind falafel, harvest grape leaves, lemons and olives from our family garden that we included in our time-honored recipts.

    Over the years thru my travels I learned that fresh quality food was just as important as the service, atmosphere and the presentation. Pleasing your guests just like they were family was the key to a successful restaurant that made people happy and looking forward to their next visit to their home away from home.

    But with today’s hectic lifestyles we know that time is so precious and our Family wanted to make things a little less challenging…so Montforts offers a menu with a variety of home made fresh take out items in addition to a full catering menu.

    My name is Rabab (Rebecca) Shoufany and I am the proud founder of Montforts Mediterranean Cuisine with the grateful assistance of my parents Melad and Georgette. I designed and created the first restaurant in 1993 with the name Montfort’s because it represented a big part of who my family is; “strong mountain”.

    The Shoufany Family represents the true foundation of Montfort’s and we stand behind the belief that “Food, Family and Friends” are a shared richness that is not only a part of our culture but a way of life that we have been privileged enough to share here in Canada at our restaurants.

    With these values instilled in our family we know that the old is now the new…and what people still want and expect today is to eat is fresh, health and yet affordable food. And this is what Montforts represents and guarantees to this day.

    I hope you enjoy your experience at Montfort’s and we look forward to seeing you again where family is first!

    Rabab (Rebecca) Shoufany

    CEO & Founder Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine

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