Moon Phase Calendar




    Looking for a Moon calendar? Want to know the exact rise and set times for your observation location? When is the next full Moon? Which zodiac sign is the Moon currently in? This app shows all that information and much more:

    - current Moon phase and Moon age
    - date and time of the next 4 phases
    - Moon calendar with the position of the Moon in the zodiac (current and upcoming) as well as special events like equinox and solstice
    - distance of the Moon from Earth
    - current position of Sun and Moon in the sky (azimuth/altitude)
    - rise, set and transit times for Sun and Moon
    - easily switch between multiple locations and see how the Moon looks like from different places in the world
    - use your GPS position or choose from a list of over 140.000 locations
    - hours of daylight, hours of the Moon being above the horizon
    - exact date of past and upcoming solstice and equinox

    There is also a widget that shows the current Moon phase and other essential information (you can choose which information to display).

    Free STANDARD version:
    - displays a waiting screen at application startup
    - from time to time, the widget displays a reminder instead of the Moon
    - limited to 2 saved locations
    - current observation date and time, also able to move forward/backward several hours or days
    - calendar limited to 3 days, a reminder is shown when switching to the calendar

    PRO version (in-app purchase):
    - no waiting screen at application startup
    - no reminder on the widget
    - save more than 2 locations
    - easily change observation date and time
    - full month calendar

    All calculations are made locally on your device. Don't worry about your privacy or your mobile data plan, this application won't transmit any data. It doesn't even require permission to access the Internet.

    It also doesn't contain any ads, but you might consider upgrading to the PRO version for a small one-time purchase.

    Permissions explained:
    - Access location: to get the rise and set times, Moon position et cetera for your current location.
    - Read and write external storage: to backup and restore your location list.
    - Billing: upgrade to PRO.
    Internet permission is not needed and therefore not requested.

    Try and see for yourself!