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    Tnt mods for mcpe adds dynamites for minecraft.
    Thanks to tnt mod for minecraft pe dynamites create huge explosions that deform some parts of the world. Tnt mod for minecraft adds block craft tnt, which will create completely different explosions. There are the following types of mcpe mods tnt:
    TNT + - tnt for minecraft, the explosive power of which is more than 10 ordinary dynamites.
    Miner TNT - more tnt mod for mcpe, which breaks the land down.
    Star TNT - after the explosion new tnt minecraft adds, which fly off in different directions and also explode.
    Ice TNT - turns the surrounding surface into ice.
    Water TNT - this tnt mod for the main circuit creates a pool.
    Laggy TNT - powerful dynamite, after which your phone will boot.
    House TNT - will spawn a house in the place of detonation.
    Tower TNT - in the explosion creates a tower of dynamite, which then also explodes.
    Fire TNT - floods everything with lava.

    Important information for Users:
    To download mods for mcpe you need connect to the Internet. The app requires a blocklauncher to install mods and mcpe maps plus the original game Pocket Edition app, so this addon will work correctly.

    We are not an official game or a subsidiary of Pocket Edition. The name, the brand and assets of are the property of Mojang AB. All rights reserved.

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