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    From the cooks of WTF and Yo puedo!...

    Mosqui-STOP App will be your best ally against those annoying insects and a sure source of fun!


    There is nothing better than knowing your enemy in order to fight it. Mosquitoes are guilty of thousands of deaths each year, infections, diseases and liters of blood sucked from the body. They are agents of diseases since female mosquitoes are bloodsucking and it is essential to control and eliminate them.
    The summary will get you closer to mosquito’s families and their characteristics, with general and specific information about each one of them, as well as many tips easy to carry out and easy to follow in order to keep far away our undesirable friends. Of course as long as you have Mosqui-STOP as your best ally!


    Once you activate the APP, you will have different and progressive levels of intensity to choose between the 1 to 100% of activity, easily and through a simple wheel button. With those effective levels the female mosquitoes won’t get close and so they won’t bite.
    Warm climates and spring-like and summer seasons cause mosquitoes to have a favorable occasion to procreate. Don’t forget that with Mosqui-STOP you always have a trip mate with you through the smartphone. Connect it and choose one of the levels that best suits your needs.

    If you need to establish a specific schedule, you can use the chronometer and define the minutes or hours that the app will be on. Disconnection will be automatic and its effect will last the time you need to keep away mosquitoes.


    We made our best for you to take the best advantage of your time by having fun with Flying Mosquitoe. The number 1 game for smartphones comes along with colorful graphics and sensational animations full of fun while you try to climb the trees taking the drops of blood that the little mosquito needs, this is maybe the only mosquito you will have fun with!
    Surpass the levels by pushing repeatedly to avoid it to stop flying, or by making it stop to stop its wings. You will win a PRO version if you reach more than 100 points. Don’t want to miss it, do you?


    Mosqui-STOP provides 6 levels of intensity depending on personal needs.
    ● You can establish a turn on moment to avoid waiting for the time the Mosqui-STOP is working.
    ● Access to the mosquitoes’ database and the most useful tips to avoid bites.
    ● Play, have fun and share our number one game Flying Mosquitoe only available with our free APP.
    ● With Mosqui-STOP PRO version you will have access to the highest level of protection, avoid ads and play more levels from the most amazing game, Flying Mosquitoe

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