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    A cute and engaging application for children: sing and read books

    • Great design, appropriate for kids
    • Offline usage
    • Settings accessible for parents
    • Could include vocals removal

    "A World Of Tales & Songs"


    MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan is an interactive application for children up to 6 years that contains two different sections: songs and stories. Along with beautiful animations, kids will be able to sing and follow the lyrics to their favorite songs, which is also a great way to learn English and practise their pronunciation skills.

    If they're about to go to bed, nothing is better than a classic bedtime story filled with endearing characters and an engaging plot. Let them follow the voice and immerse themselves in a magic adventure.


    The interface of MOVING BOOKS is absolutely perfect for children: colors are vivid, animations are fun, and the characters will become your kid'd new best friends.

    A great feature: once you download the content, you don't need an Internet connection anymore: so basically, you can enjoy the videos anywhere, anytime.

    The app has a main menu only accessible by tapping a number sequence (so, only for adults), so children will only have access to the multimedia content but won't be able to change any of the settings.


    We'd love if children could actually play karaoke and practise reading aloud (remove the vocals), but besides that, we don't really have any complaints. MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan works flawlessly and is a great addition to your children's personal app collection.

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    Nov 25, 2015


    "When kids launch this app they will in fact be launching a world of fun... Fabulous sound effects, animations, and music"-

    All Free Stories and Songs to Enjoy
    MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan is an educational app for kids, filled with delightfully animated stories and songs such as “Three Little Pigs”, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “The Other Day I Met a Bear” and more. Watch, read, listen, dance and singalong. Prince Jajaja and his whimsical kingdom of characters are ready to help your kids learn and play.

    Every Moment a Chance to Discover
    • Animated fairy tales and songs delivered right to your device. There's always time for a nursery rhyme.
    • Great for travel. Watch offline. No internet connection required to play downloaded content.
    • Loads of fun at parties. Have a singalong.
    • Ideal for toddlers and preschool kids.
    • Share stories and songs together at bedtime, circle time, and story time.

    Read and Listen
    Traditional folktales, fables, bedtime stories and popular fairy tales come to life in delightfully animated scenes. Words appear on screen so your child can follow along.

    Singalong and Dance
    Sing along in a karaoke jam to animated children's songs such as “Let's Clap Our Hands” . Easy dance moves your little ones can quickly learn reinforce basic motor skills, self-expression, and communication skills. Note: vocals cannot be switched off.

    Storybooks and Songs Included
    “Three Little Pigs”
    “The Little Match Seller”
    “Jack and the Beanstalk”
    “Kasajizou” (a Japanese folk tale)
    “Let's Clap Our Hands”
    “Oh Vreneli”
    “The Other Day I Met a Bear”
    “Little Red Riding Hood”
    “The Ugly Duckling”
    “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”
    “The Golden Axe”
    “The North Wind and the Sun”
    “Omusubi Kororin (The Rolling Rice Ball)”
    “Welcome to the Snowman Party!”
    “Kachi Kachi Mountain”
    “Red Shoes”
    “Little Fox”
    “Rabbit Dance”
    “Sesame Miso”
    “Yankee Doodle”
    “The Little Mermaid”
    “The Town Musicians of Bremen”
    and more! (*available now and coming soon.)

    Age Recommendation
    Infants to preschool (ages 0-8)

    We take raising awareness of privacy and safety seriously. MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan does not collect personally identifiable information. Anonymous performance data is tracked to improve app development. This app allows in-app purchases. There is no social media integration. One in-app link behind a parental gate will take you to our Privacy Policy via your device’s browser.

    Thank You
    We hope your little ones are enjoying MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan as much as we are producing it. We'd like to hear your feedback. If you have a moment, please let us know what you think with a review.

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