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    MTG Buddy Pro's review

    Published: 2017-08-31, by .

    Your MTG assistant: counts your life, time and more

    • Includes the essential features to play MTG
    • Lets you save scores
    • You can share the scores

    "MTG players: this is the app you were waiting for!"


    MTG Buddy is a really useful app for Magic: The Gathering players, due to the fact that provides them with the basic and essential features that are always needed to play this game.

    First of all, you can set this app for 2 or 4 players and you can also customize all of their names. Then, you can customize the different backgrounds with your favourite Mana colours.

    The timer counts 50 minutes and, once you have started playing, you can add and subtract life from any of the players easily. Additionally, the app provides an Android Wear support which makes it really easy to use the scoring features. And there is even a poison counter!

    In addition, you will find a 20 sided dice and a coin flip feature. Once you have finished the game, you will have the option of sharing the score over Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. And if you can't finish the game, you can save the scores and continue playing in another moment.


    This app is particularly designed for MTG players and that's why is just perfect for them. Every of its features is necessary and useful to enjoy a great Magic game!


    If we had to look for the worst thing about MTG Buddy it would probably be that it isn't a free app. However, if you are an MTG player you will find this app indispensable and synch of scores with Android Phones and Android Wear smart watches make this app unique in its kind and totally worth it to pay.


    by Miquel

    Aug 31, 2017


    Count your Life while playing MTG Buddy: Set your phone on the table between you and your opponents and start playing MTG. It also provides a Android Wear support which makes it super easy to use the scoring features.

    Android wear support and synch of scores with Android Phones and Android wear
    2 and 4 way screen setup, best for playing at tables.
    Customised Player Name before starting the game.
    Randomised background over home screen, upon opening the app every time.
    Add or subtract Life with click on (+) and (-)
    50:00 mins timer for playing game.
    20 sided dice roll and coin flip feature
    Customizable backgrounds with your favourite Mana colors
    Poison counters
    Default Life counter set to 20
    Collapsible menu including important features
    Game over detection by clicking on reset button
    Saving the scores and maintaining the scores history.
    Share score over Facebook, twitter etc, using Share feature.
    Work in progress for integrating TCG Player API
    Work in progress for Samsung s2, s3 version

    Magic: the Gathering is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast.
    MTG Buddy Pro is not produced, endorsed, supported or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast.

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