Multi-Vendor App by CS-Cart




    An app for the customers of a marketplace that runs on Multi-Vendor (a marketplace platform based on CS-Cart). You can use it and see what your customers will see. To learn about getting an app for your own Multi-Vendor store, send an email to

    The Multi-Vendor app allows customers to use the following functionality of the marketplace:
    - Registration, sign-in, and account management. Your customers will need an account to use the full functionality of the app. They can use existing accounts created on your marketplace website, or they can register a new account in the app. Naturally, the account data is synced between the marketplace and the app.
    - Wishlist and cart management. Just like in your online store, customers will be able to browse categories and add the desired products to cart or wishlist. The contents of the cart and wishlist are synced with your store as well.
    - Checkout and real-time payments. In addition to offline payment methods, the app supports PayPal Express Checkout.
    - Order history. Customers can view the history of their orders, made both in the app and directly from your marketplace.
    - Comments and reviews. The app allows your customers to rate vendors and review products. Naturally, reviews and ratings by other customers are visible (once approved by administrators).