Multiplication Table By Speak




    Now let's throw boring multiplication table remember.
    Multiplication Table By Speaking has come!!

    The app provide total 12 levels. From 2 to 11 level and one that mixes all levels.
    Just yell out when the problem appears.

    2 x 4 = eight!!

    There is also "Study" function for those who have not remembered all multiplication tables.
    In the study mode, you can find problems and ? buttons.
    You can check the correct answer after you think the problem by yourself tap the question mark button.
    Then the answer will appear.

    Try to solve problem by speaking after you study multiplication table enough.

    "Solve Problem" function records your score.
    So you can check how much you improved by checking scores.
    Also your parents can check, so study hard :)

    You can learn the multiplication table with pleasant.
    Start now!!

    p.s) If you change your device language to other one, then the answer will be recognized as the language you set.
    For example, if you set the language as Korean, for 2 X 5 question, you have to answer as "Sip", which is 10 for Korean.

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