Music Lamp




    Download and install this application, open the apk, if you do not turn on the Bluetooth will be prompted to open, choose Yes! Click Search near the top right corner of Bluetooth devices, when you want to search to add a light, click the name or mac address of the lamp. Then wait for the progress box will pop up a connection, when the connection is successful, return jump to another page, which has a light color control, the following control is the time when white light or lantern transferred rad button clicks, it will Choi becomes off, you can freely adjust the color, the following progress bar when you click to white when drag the progress bar, white brightness with the progress bar increases. There is also a button after clicking the light switch can switch the current control lights. There is also a control when playing music whether it is the rhythm, click on the following music player there a, next, you can also click on the left button to jump to the music list music page! After the music list to the page, the user can choose their own songs to hear. Light control interface and a Settings button, then click to set the timing of the go! Settings are divided into two kinds, one is open to peer timing, one is timed lights, click on one of the selection box will pop up a time, elected a good week, and time click the OK button, you can jump to the timing of the list! After waiting list refresh. Will display timing information list on the left image is displayed is a time to turn on the lights turn off the lights, the middle display is timed, left button is to control the timing is valid!