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    This app, unique of its kind is a perfect platform for musicians of skill and instruments to get together with the organizers looking to host programs and may be looking to hire someone like you!

    Whether you are rock, hip hop, classical, jazz, pop, or electronic artist or from any other discipline and genre this platform always give you the extra edge to be spotted and get contacted by program arrangers and event managers.

    The process is simple! These are the few little steps you need to follow:

    1. You create your free account using this app.
    2. Then you post your profile from "My Profile" section. The profile section has various fields which will let you inform the app what kind of music you have expertise in. It will also your contact details and default location.

    3. And finally create your personalized calendar pointing out which days you are free and at what time and at what location you will be available.

    On the other prospective program arrengers will search using the pre-defined list of instrument, genre, location, star rating and also by date, time and location. So the app always a in-depth and pin-point search result. The they can contact the musician by either call, text or email.

    So go and get connected now!

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