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    eSmartHealth, Hong Kong’s first cloud-based health management service, enables users to upload, store and access their health data anytime they like. When used in conjunction with eSmartHealth health devices, the “My eSH” app provides at-a-glance info that includes blood pressure, glucose, temperature and oxygen levels, as well as a walking-step count and heart rate. Users can check their data charts anytime they like and receive alerts to certain conditions, if they occur.

    By tracking activity levels, you can compete with friends in a virtual walk “around the world”. After joining a race, you can use the app to track journey progress made by you and your friends, and receive motivating messages and health tips.

    Sign up for eSmartHealth membership now and purchase our personal health devices. Features include:

    • No fussing round with paper plus avoidance of human error in written health records
    • All health data is uploaded automatically
    • View major health indicators in at-a-glance fashion
    • Set goals and track progress
    • Enable family and healthcare professionals to monitor your health records remotely
    • Join the virtual walk

    Stay healthy in a hassle-free fun way! Call the eSmartHealth hotline on 2888 0660 if you have any questions.

    Note: Information in this application refers only to healthy persons. Please consult your medical practitioner if you have any health concerns.
    1. How do I register for the service?
    Register for an account for free. Health data will be automatically uploaded from our devices to your eSmartHealth account via a PC, Mac or eye Home Tablet. This app allows you to view your health data anywhere, anytime.
    2. Where can I purchase eSmartHealth devices?
    Call the eSmartHealth hotline on 2888 0660 to purchase most of these devices.

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