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    The Personal Advance Directive Manager is a ONE person, ONE document version designed to revolutionize information sharing during a medical crisis so that your advance care document can be instantly conveyed and delivered. Now you can securely store and retrieve this document in PDF, and export it to a hospital or physician in minutes.

    The My Health Care Wishes Lite version allows you to create a digital library containing your advance care plan. This single app gives you immediate access to a PDF version of your advance medical directive (AMD), whether specific only to health care power of attorney (HCPOA, health care proxy), a DNR order or POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment).

    Advance care information is rarely there when you need it. Imagine having your wishes stored in one place and a click away, “just in case.” This document doesn't belong tucked away in a safety deposit box or in a file cabinet somewhere. Import and store it on your smartphone so it’s there for medical decision-making anytime anywhere.

    Future Affect and Impact:

    Most of us haven’t given much thought to health consent and other related matters surrounding medical complications, life support or end of life. But seeing the service provided by this app the added value and purpose is clear—this is certainly something anyone 18+ could use for peace of mind.

    In the future, health care professionals will look first on your Smartphone for the easily recognizable My Health Care Wishes icon instead of searching for a wallet card!

    Features of the My Health Care Wishes Lite and Pro versions:

    • Assures complete confidentiality because the data resides only on the smartphone. The data is secure on your smartphone and does not reside on any server or cloud service.
    • Grabs contact information from your contacts list.
    • Shows or sends a summary of your health care wishes via text or email to health care providers.
    • Allows import of advance directive document(s)
    • Emails your advance directive document to loved ones and health care professionals and/or facilities.
    • Carries key information on primary & secondary proxy, and primary care physician.
    • Allows editing and updating documents as you age and your health status changes.
    • Keeps track of document versions by date entered.
    • Allows downloading free PDF wallet card.
    • Includes a PDF summary worksheet for ease in collecting the information needed to customize a folder
    • Imports documents via email
    • Supported Android OS includes: OS 2.2 through 4.4
    •  Supported devices include: Samsung Galaxy S3 through S5, HTC Nexus One series, Nexus 5, LG G2 & G3. All other devices are not supported on 'My Health Care Wishes' app

    Additional features with the My Health Care Wishes Pro only (Personal & Family Manager):

    • Unlimited storage of documents and people profiles

    • Email stored documents to a health care provider — be prepared in case of emergency to advocate for your loved ones, no matter where you
    • Store additional details about you and your loved ones: specialists, emergency contacts, insurance, and medical conditions

    • The Personal and Family Manager allows you to show the relationships between profiles you've stored

    • Click-to-call and click-to-email feature gives you an instant connection to those whose profiles you've stored

    • Syncing to your DropBox account to allow for easy importing and exporting of PDF documents

    • ABA multi-state power of attorney toolkit PDF for use in most states
    • More resource tips and links to help you plan smart and effectively!
    • Exclusive sales through the American Bar Association

    Recent Changes:
    • Exclusive sales through the American Bar Association

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