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    The easiest launcher for Android !!!.
    For those who like simplicity !!!

    Ideal especially for televisions Smart-TV and tablets - but works on smart phones with small screen.
    Experience shows that smart phones with small screen is not very convenient to work - but on tablets and TVs Smart-Tv is very convenient to work, there are many opportunities that are necessary to the user and no other similar launchers.

    It is desirable that the device's screen was more than 5 inches.

    The most recent changes - Added ability to quickly and easily shape the design of the main screen user - rich choice
    a palette of colors and fonts (see attached screenshots -skrinshoty). Thus you get on one screen links
    (Shortcuts) for the necessary sites links to your favorite radio stations,
    links to movies from Youtube and links to Internet TV channels - all chosen by you and used as a label colors you selected combinations of colors and fonts. All this is very easy to identify and then change - according to your tastes.
    The study - a maximum of 30 minutes.

    The new version adds the ability to easily add screen not only Android application
    but also links to relevant sites you linked to your favorite radio station,
    links to movies from Youtube and links on Internet TV.
    So your Android device will be both radio and TV and smartphone. , You can create the screen of your device according to your tastes and preferences, and make it very easy.

    Suitable for all - but - especially for older people, people with vision problems and children.
    Immediately after turning on the device, the user receives a list screen large buttons
     in which language he understands written application names.
    By clicking on the appropriate button the user runs the application.

    To install Mylauncher Three steps are necessary:

    1. Download from Google Play My_Launcher application, run it on your device and configure the main screen (select the applications that you wish to use, rename the captions on the buttons that you want to rename(for example translation to a different language ), and select the size and colour of the letters.

    2.Define My_Launcher as the default launcher.

    3.Restart your device, make sure that you get the screen that has been defined and can be given to the end-user device (an elderly man, a child), or use it yourself. License term - 1 year.