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    This application informs you about the latitude, longitude of your current location. If internet connection is available, you can also get the address of your location.

    On enabling GPS it will give you the most accurate location. You can share the location via SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Google+, Skype, Twitter, and more.

    Forget you mobile phone some where don't worry. The application also provides with the feature to share the location of your mobile via sending keyword on your mobile with the password. It will return a SMS back on the sender mobile with the current location of your phone.

    Parents can also use this application to check the location of their children. Even if they don’t have a smart phone, they can still use MyLocation to get the location over sms. If they have smartphone with MyLocation app installed, on receiving the location via sms. It will automatically open the location on the map.

    Many time people put the address of their business property on their websites but they don't provide the exact location. This application can also be used to obtain the accurate location of your business property. And same can also be used to put the link on your business web site under locate us. I am using MyLocation App to share My Location are you?

    To allow this application to work properly. Please set messaging as your default application for receiving sms, not the hangout.

    Disclaimer: If your dear ones are sending sms on your phone to get your location with password you will be charged for sms service for sharing your location.

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