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    myCryptoVAULT is an encrypted, private, confidential and secure digital safe, that allows synchronization, file sharing and collaborative work among multiple environments (Web interface for browser and specific apps for PCs, Macs, Linux, iPads, iPhones and Android devices) and with other users or groups of users.

    We highlight the following features:
    + Security: Uses the latest and most advanced standard strong security technology to protect all stored data;
    + Encryption: The security of your data is critical. By using myCryptoVAULT, no third party (not even the operation and administration teams of myCryptoVault) has access to your data, since they are encrypted (with a cipher key that only the client has and can provide) using the latest and most advanced standard encryption technology. Optionally you can enable key recovery, to enable the re-access to your files, in case of lost key;
    + Secure Sharing: Share your files with other users or groups of users and, optionally, password-protect them and / or define the expiry date of the share;
    + Secure Vault in the Net: The myCryptoVAULT Digital Vault uses standard secure network protocols, on public (Internet) or private networks;
    + Universal Access: Access your files through the web, your computer or mobile device;
    + Integration: The myCryptoVAULT Digital Vault integrates with existing directories, security and back-up tools, becoming part of the existing infrastructure;
    + Immediate Synchronization: Make changes from a device and documents are instantly synchronized to all other configured devices;
    + Synchronize only what you decide: Only synchronise the data you decide on your device, ensuring that if the device is lost or stolen, your sensitive data is not available to others. Simultaneous access the not synchronised data safely (WebApp or WebDAV) via an Internet connection.
    + Localization – Always know where is your data: In myCryptoVAULT you always know the location of your data. Besides the data redundancy guaranteed by the SAN (Storage Area Network), the replication of these in 3 different SAN, the use of Datacenters with tier-3 or tier-4 level and 99.999% uptime guarantee, the WebAPP always displays the location of your data.
    At the moment the myCryptoVAULT Datacenter is located in Lisbon, Portugal.
    + Availability: The myCryptoVAULT Digital Vault is always available (availability > 99,999%);
    + Versions: Current and older versions of your files are stored in your CryptoVAULT;
    + Recovery: The data stored in myCryptoVAULT Digital Vault undergo regular validations of integrity, to ensure recoverability;
    + Unlimited Archive: Flexible allocation of storage capacity, with unlimited size;
    + File Recovery: The web interface allows the selection and online retrieval of archived files (current and older versions), as well as deleted files;
    + Online Access to Files: The web interface allows online access to archived files;
    + Synchronization: Availability of free Synchronization software (clients) for Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7 e Windows 8 Modern UI, 32/64 bit), Mac (Mac OS X 10.6 ou superior, Intel 64 bit) and Linux (CentOS/RHEL, Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian);
    + Mobile Apps: Browse, download, upload, open, update files, and more, wherever you are and whenever you want, with mobile apps for Android and iOS devices;
    + Integrated Services Management: Various support options that include request for immediate help, proactive monitoring, technical visit and / or telephone support;
    + Legal Compliance: myCryptoVAULT Complies with national and European community rules governing privacy and data protection.

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