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    NEW YEARS RESOLUTION - Price Reduction! Get a head start on your resolution. Get Started! Get Results!

    MyInsane Cardio Tracker is a fully functional digital notebook that helps you track your insane HIIT workouts. Hit it! Track It! Print it!

    Embrace Technology! Stay Mobile!

    MyInsane Cardio Tracker was designed with a simple, yet robust, user interface. No dark depressing black background in this app! Just a little gray.

    MyInsane Cardio Tracker features include (but not limited to)
    - Track your workout dates not calendar days (Life happens! Bend your schedule don't break it!)
    - Track the time you performed the workout.
    - Add a note, a goal to each workout - rough day? bad recoup?
    - Rate the difficulty level of workout. This does change even for the same workout - explain in your notes.
    - What's my next workout?... MyInsane Cardio Tracker will remind you. Option to set reminder. Set and forget!
    - Profile
    - will show Your Next Workout,
    - percentage of schedule completed, and
    - current weight and body fat % from Weight Tracker 2.0
    - Export Fitness Reports for each month.

    Fit Tests and Measurements:
    - Track your progress!
    - Add a photo to every measurement day!
    - Record your measurements: Weight (Chest, Arm(l/r), Waist, Hips, Thigh(l/r), Calves(l/r))*
    - Total Measurements: *Automatically calculates/tracks measurements to show overall change.

    ***Note: Please enter all measurement data as a whole number or a number decimal. Do not add commas. ie., Use 25.50 not 25,50. Fit Test exercise data should be whole numbers. ie., Switch Kicks 65 - no decimals. Some local keyboards override current filtering - Known Android bug***

    Why track it if you can't view it!
    - Export (all data) to Fitness Report(s) to view or print. Please print responsibly.
    - Share your progress! Share your stats. Share your photos.
    - Share your daily workout (still working on Facebook issue)
    - Standard/metric option (lb/in - kg/cm).

    - English
    - Spanish (~95% translated). Includes Fitness Reports. *Me disculpo si la traducción no es correcto.

    *If there is a feature you want added I would love to hear it! More than likely it is already in the works. We are all at different fitness levels and progress at different rates. I hope this app helps you stay focused on achieving a healthier you. Excelsior!

    Water Tracker included!
    - track your daily water consumption.
    - calculates a suggested water quantity
    - chose from various size water bottles
    - calculates oz and mL

    Weight Tracker v2.0 included!
    - a digital weight diary.
    - add your weight any time you want.
    - body fat calculation (US Navy Method) from height, neck, waist, hip (female only) measurements.
    --> US Navy Method is far from accurate compared to a 7 or 9 point skinfold test; however, consistent use will show your progress. It's cheap and easy too!
    - include a quick diary note with each measurement.
    - generate and export your weight report
    *Profile will show current weight and body fat % from Weight Tracker 2.0

    Write access to external storage is needed to create a "MyInsanity" folder and export your Fitness Reports and other data reports to this folder. Vibration access is for reminder notification option.

    **If you are experiencing any issues with the app please email.

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