MyRHYTHM™: Tracker by IMODIUM®




    Everyone is familiar with the occasional bout of diarrhoea, but some people suffer more frequently.

    MyRHYTHM™ helps you to discover the food & moods associated with your diarrhoea bouts, enabling you to make simple lifestyle changes that COULD REDUCE THE FREQUENCY & SEVERITY OF YOUR SYMPTOMS.


    • Receive personal and private diarrhoea (or diarrhea Ame) tracking reports; including top associated foods and moods with your diarrhoea bouts.
    • Get great advice from experts offering hints & tips on your food, mood and movement.
    • Read up on the common foods and moods linked to diarrhoea (or diarrhea Ame), as well as stress management tips & yoga exercises.
    • Keep track of your meals with simple food & drink entry.
    • Record how you are feeling (happy, stressed, nervous or anxious…).
    • Track your diarrhoea bouts and associated symptoms (wind, cramps and bloating).
    • Suitable for people with food intolerances, food allergies, IBS and frequent diarrhoea sufferers.


    The Sun’s ‘Appy ways to a new you’
    MyWeekly’s App of the week
    Top Sante’s ‘3 of The Best …New Food Apps’

    Featured in the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mirror Online, Good Housekeeping Online, The Scotsman, Talk Health & Take A Break Magazine.

    “Are you an IBS sufferer, or prone to occasional digestive upsets? Then you could try MyRHYTHM™ by IMODIUM®. Nope, it’s not a drum machine app, but an interactive food and mood diary, which helps you to track and analyse the ingredients or emotions that can lead to tummy trouble, as well as offering advice on how to normalise your digestive health” The Scotsman

    “APP OF THE WEEK - This handy app from IMODIUM® helps you track how your food and mood impacts your digestive health” MyWeekly

    “Try this app – Download MyRHYTHM™ – an app which tracks and identifies your personal triggers for digestive upset, including both food intake and mood. The app compiles the information into a report that you can then use to make subtle lifestyle adjustments personal to you, which may have a significant impact on your digestive health.” The Mirror Online

    “New app MyRHYTHM™ from IMODIUM® has been devised to help you discreetly keep tabs on your digestive health by using an interactive food and mood diary. Choose from the database of over 20,000 food items to really hone in on the source of the bother and MyRHYTHM™ will highlight what might be causing your stomach upset. Free from GooglePlay, the app also offers expert advice on how to get your digestive rhythms back on track. But if problems persist, make sure you pop in to see your GP for a chat” Women’s Fitness magazine

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    MyRHYTHM™ is a tool to better understand your digestive rhythm. The application is not a diagnostic tool, and if you suffer from certain conditions you should contact your GP.

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