Names of Body Parts

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    Names of Body Parts

    Click on “Enter” button to open this program.

    Level 1

    A figure of a boy appears on the left side of the screen. Two boxes (a square and a rectangle) appear on the right side of the screen. When the mouse pointer is over one part of the boy, a picture of that body part appears in the square and the name of that body part appears in the rectangle. (A program voice tells the student to move the mouse pointer over the figure.) The program voice then pronounces the name of the body part.

    Click on this button to run the program automatically. The student can sit back and watch. Click again to stop auto run.

    Level 2

    Command Text
    This is checked selected by default. When checked, a short command text is visible at the bottom of the screen. If unchecked, the command text will not be visible.

    This is checked by default. If the student fails to match the correct body part picture within ten seconds, the program guides him/her to the correct body part picture

    Prompt with Label
    This option is selected by default. When this box is checked, the name of the body part in the top rectangle also appears in the middle rectangle.

    If the “Label” box is unchecked, the middle rectangle does not appear.

    Prompt with Frame
    This option is selected by default. If this is checked, a green dotted line appears around the correct body part when the mouse pointer moves over it. When the mouse pointer moves over an incorrect body part, a red dotted line appears around it.

    If unchecked, no green or red dotted line appears.

    Prompt with Sound
    This option is selected by default. When selected, a voice tells the student which body part to find. When the student clicks on a body part, the voice either congratulates him/her for a correct choice or says “Wrong” for an incorrect one.

    Congratulatory Animation
    This box is checked by default. When this is checked, clicking the correct body part invites a congratulatory animation. This animation runs for ten seconds. Click anywhere on the screen or press space bar to stop the congratulatory animation.

    Uncheck the box if the student doesn’t need congratulatory animation.

    Click on the check box to select or deselect the body part.

    Select All
    Check this box to select all body parts. Uncheck to deselect.

    Click this button to open the program after choosing settings.

    Click this button to go previews page.