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    Are you interested in finding Home Remedies for your ailments? Discover our app and get up to date with the best Home Remedies to take care of your health.

    Home remedies are a set of healing methods based on traditional medicine, through healthy practices and using natural elements. These natural remedies can be prepared without risk at home, in a very simple way. The app contains explanatory videos that you can see and save and share with your family and friends on your favorite social networks. Among them we can highlight:

    - For anxiety. Mix one tablespoon of lime, one of valerian and another of hawthorn in a liter of boiling water and let it rest for a few minutes.
    - For the headache . Apply a compress impregnated with apple cider vinegar on the forehead.
    - For a sore throat. Infusion of sweetened ginger with a spoonful of honey.
    - Herpes labialis . Mix pure Vaseline with a few drops of lemon and apply it on the affected area.
    - For bruises. Apply toothpaste and cover the area with a bandage throughout the night.
    - If you burn your tongue when tasting food. Take a sugar cube and dissolve it little by little in your mouth.
    - To cut the blood from a small cut. Apply petroleum jelly.
    - For burns. Apply honey.
    - Before shaving the eyebrows apply ice on the area.
    - If you have put a band aid and can not peel it, apply baby oil with a cotton ball.
    - Sun burns . Cut a leaf of aloe vera and apply it directly on the skin.

    Learn more tricks within the application. They are all very interesting. Try it totally free and if you like it, value us, your opinion is very important for us. Thank you !

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