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    Nautical Calculator is an Android application that calculates rhumb line and great circle navigation.
    The application is totally free.
    The main functions are:
    - Given two coordinates, great circle and rhumb line courses, distances, great circle vertex and meridional parts is calculated, is show graphics.
    - Given a position, new position is determined by advancing it for courses and distances.
    - Wheel Over calculation
    - Compass detections
    - Draft survey
    - Converter

    other features can be enabled.
    - Calculate Average speed
    - E.T.A. calculation
    - Route plan, for manual waypoints planning
    - Waypoint route
    - Route mix with parallel limit
    - Rhumb Line Parallel/Meridian intersection
    - Follow on same Rhumb Line route
    - Opposite course rendez vous
    - Route correction
    - Calculate Amplitude at sunset and sunrise and magnetic compass deviation
    - Solves Drift problem
    - Solves Tides problem
    - Solves Tidal current problem
    - Wind calculation with Beaufort classification
    - ABC Tables (azimuth, initial course, right ascension with unknow star)
    - Nautical almanac
    - Celestial Navigation with position line
    - Meridian transit
    - Celestial observation
    - Coastal navigation

    In routes feature there is a world map: it isn't a nautical chart and is not for use as a saling chart, but as a simple general means of showing the courses through the water on earth, this map isn't for navigational purposes.
    No need connection for show the map; the map will be downloaded only one time.
    The map, for size limit, will be show for scale over 60-70 Nm.

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