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    The NaviCard Application offers a unique feature that is completely novel to mobile applications. The NaviCard application offers the quickest method of programming destinations into your mobile navigation tool. All you need to do is to take a snapshot of the NaviCard card using the NaviCard application.

    NaviCard cards contains pictures, text, and a barely noticeable thin barcode. This barcode contains the location of the destination. NaviCard cards have been cerated containing many interesting locations that are worth visiting.

    If you have never held a NaviCard card in your hand, you can get one quickly by visiting site. Here, you can learn all about the NaviCard card and its fields of application. You can create your own NaviCard card and print it using a tabletop printer.

    You can be sure that you will experience an exciting adventure if you discover the world of NaviCard cards. You will recognize that the use of NaviCard opens up numerous new opportunities. You will feel how comfortable navigation becomes if you use NaviCard cards. You will experience the pleasure that you can give to your friends by sharing your favorite destinations with them using NaviCard cards.

    Joint those who can program destinations into their navigation applications using the NaviCard! Download our NaviCard application now!

    How to use

    Launch the NaviCard application. Start scanning by touching the middle of the screen. Place the objective of the camera 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) above the NaviCard card. Align the device so that the bar code image on the NaviCard card is parallel to one of the side of the screen. You will then hear a beep, indicating that the bar code has been read successfully. Following this, the navigation application of your device is launched automatically, with the destination on the NaviCard card programmed.

    Compatible Applications: Maps (navigation), Google (global maps), Sygic, TomTom, Waze, NAVIGON, iGO

    NaviCard is a registered trademark. The barcode card used for programming destinations into navigation devices is protected by patent. Ownership rights are held by NAVEX Europe Ltd.

    (Play info Android v1.0)

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