HitAPI has been created for all HitBTC users willing to manage their Bitcoins and Altcoins.

    HitAPI allows to:
    • Check your HitBTC balance in one click
    • Place your buy/sell orders
    • Track your HitBTC open/closed orders
    • Follow HitBTC markets in real time
    • Access data and advanced charts for each trading pair (incl. ask/bid and HitBTC charts)
    • Read news from specialized press (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin and Blockchain)

    With HitAPI you will be able to trade and monitor following coins from HitBTC exchange platform:
    1ST (FirstBlood), ADX (AdEx), LAT (Latium), EBTCOLD (eBTC Old), BKB (BetKing Bankroll), BMT (BMChain), CL (Coinlancer), CLD (Cloud), CAS (Cashaa), ELM (Elements), CPAY (CryptoPay), UTT (United Traders Token), CDX (Commodity Ad Network), KMD (Komodo), DATA (DATACoin), DRPU (DRP Utility), HAC (Hackspace Capital), ECH (EtherEcash), INDI (IndiCoin), DIM (DIMCoin), NGC (NAGA Coin), ITS (ITS Chain), STORM (Storm), LOC (LockChain), STAR (Starbase), SWFTC (SwftCoin), WRC (Worldcore), AMM (Micro Money), PRE (Presearch), TBT (TBOT), ZAP (ZAP Token), BUS (BTU Support), SBTC (Super BTC), BTCA (BitAir), AE (Aeternity), AEON (Aeon), AIR (AirToken), AMB (Ambrosus), AMP (Synereo), ANT (Aragon), ARDR (Ardor), ARN (Aeron), ART (Maecenas), ATB (ATBCoin), ATL (ATLANT), ATM (ATMChain), ATS (Authorship), AVT (Aventus), B2X (SegWit2x [Futures]), BAS (BitAsean), BCC (BitConnect), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), BCN (Bytecoin), BET (DAO.Casino), BMC (Blackmoon Crypto), BNT (Bancor), BOS (BOScoin), BQX (Ethos), BTC (Bitcoin), BTG (Bitcoin Gold), BTM (Bytom), BTX (Bitcore), CAPP (Cappasity), CAT (CatCoin), CCT (Crystal Clear ), CDT (CoinDash), CFI (, CND (Cindicator), CNX (Cryptonex), COSS (COSS), CSNO (BitDice), CTR (Centra), CTX (CarTaxi Token), CVC (Civic), DASH (Dash), DBIX (DubaiCoin), DCN (Dentacoin), DCT (DECENT), DDF (DigitalDevelopersFund), DENT (Dent), DGB (DigiByte), DGD (DigixDAO), DICE (Etheroll), DLT (Agrello), DNT (district0x), DOGE (Dogecoin), DOV (Dovu), DRT (DomRaider), DSH (Dashcoin), EBET (EthBet), EBTCNEW (eBitcoin), EDG (Edgeless), EDO (Eidoo), ELE (Elementrem), EMC (Emercoin), EMGO (MobileGo), EKO (EchoLink), ENG ( Enigma), ENJ (Enjin Coin), EOS (EOS), ERO (Eroscoin), ETBS (Ethbits), ETC (Ethereum Classic), ETH (Ethereum), ETP (Metaverse ETP), EVX (Everex), EXN (ExchangeN), FCN (Fantomcoin), FRD (Farad), FUEL (Etherparty), FUN (FunFair), FYN (FundYourselfNow), FYP (FlypMe), GAME (GameCredits), GNO (Gnosis), GUP (Matchpool), GVT (Genesis Vision), HDG (Hedge), HGT (HelloGold), HPC (Happycoin), HSR (Hshare), HVN (Hive), ICN (Iconomi), ICO (ICO), ICOS (ICOS), ICX (ICON), IGNIS (Ignis), IND (Indorse Token), IXT (iXledger), KBR (Kubera Coin), KICK (KickCoin), LA (LAToken), LEND (ETHLend), LIFE (LIFE), LRC (Loopring), LSK (Lisk), LTC (Litecoin), LUN (Lunyr), MAID (MaidSafeCoin), MANA (Decentraland), MCAP (MCAP), MIPS (MIPSToken), MNE (Minereum), MSP (Mothership), MTH (Monetha), MYB (MyBit Token), NDC (NEVERDIE), NEBL (Neblio), NEO (NEO), NET (Nimiq), NTO (Fujinto), NXC (Nexium), NXT (Nxt), OAX (OAX), ODN (Obsidian), MCO (Monaco), OMG (OmiseGO), OPT (Opus), ORME (Ormeus Coin), OTN (Open Trading Network), OTX (Octanox), PAY (TenX), PING (CryptoPing), PIX (Lampix), PLBT (Polybius), PLR (Pillar), PLU (Pluton), POE (, POLL (ClearPoll), PPC (Peercoin), PPT (Populous), PRG (Paragon), PRO (Propy), PRS (Presearch), PTOY (Patientory), QAU (Quantum), QCN (QuazarCoin), QTUM (Qtum), QVT (Qvolta), REP (Augur), RKC (Royal Kingdom Coin), RLC (iExec RLC), RVT (Rivetz), SAN (Santiment Network Token), SBD (Steem Dollars), SC (Siacoin), SCL (Social), SISA (SISA), SKIN (SkinCoin), SMART (SmartCash), SMS (SMSCoin), SNC (SunContract), SNGLS (SingularDTV), SNM (SONM), SNT (Status), SPF (SportyFi), STEEM (Steem), STRAT (Stratis), STU (bitJob), STX (Stox), SUR (Suretly), SWT (Swarm City), TAAS (TaaS), TGT (Target Coin), TIME (Chronobank), TIX (Blocktix), TKN (TokenCard) and more...

    HitAPI is not an official HitBTC application.

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