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    Write in Runic: Rune Writer & Keyboard

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    Convert your name into runes!

    With this app you can transliterate text to runes based on a phonetic translation. Get cool ideas for fantasy stories, D&D campaigns, tattoos, or communicating with secret runes. This app translates the sounds of words, not the meaning. It is a good source for rune pronunciation and learning about the runic alphabets.

    Supports the following major runic families:

    • Elder Futhark runes (Common Germanic Fuþark)
    • Swedish-Norwegian Fuþąrk (Rök; Younger Futhark, short twig)
    • Danish Fuþąrk (Younger Futhark, long branch)
    • Medieval rune alphabets
    • The runes that J. R. R. Tolkien invented for Cirth (the rune script from The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings)

    Supports Ogham (Old Irish script):
    • Aicme Beithe / hÚatha / Muine / Ailme
    • Forfeda (the letters added later)

    For premium users:
    • Anglo-Saxon runes (Anglo-Frisian Fuþorc)
    • Old Turkic (Göktürk script / Orkhon script / Orkhon-Yenisey)
    • Old Hungarian runes (rovásírás)
    • Armanen runes (Armanen Futharkh)
    • Gothic
    • Old Italic
    • Glagolitic (Old Slavonic Ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰹⱌⰰ "Glagolitsa", sometimes known as Slavic runes)
    • Phoenician

    Text is transcribed to runes based on a phonetic representation (English, Russian or language agnostic).

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