Mermaid Secrets23 – Mermaid Heart Break Story




    Love is so sweet, but sometimes, it is also full of bitter. Mermaid Mia is lucky enough to find her true love Eric. However, the course of true love never do run smooth. Will this high school crush overcomes all those difficulties and have a happy ending?
    High school boy Eric turns into a merman and dives into the deep ocean. Will he meet his girl friend Mia? Oh no! Prom queen Mia is dancing with a mysterious man. Who is he? The poor ocean wildlife little dolphin gets injured. Hurry up and cure this sea animal! It’s so unexpected! Mia’s father plans to choose a boyfriend for her.How would she react to this decision?

    1.High school boy Eric collects the magical herds and turns into a merman. What a bravo boy! He can do anything for his first love!
    2.OMG! Eric finds a mysterious man who is dancing with princess Mia in the party! Who is this man?
    3.Hurry up! The poor ocean animal gets injured, you little doctor must cure her bruise and save her out of danger now!
    4.Human activities bring up the ocean pollution. It break up the peaceful lives of marine animals.
    5.Sea save is an extremely urgent task at present. Let’s play the sea animal games for kids together!
    6.It’s dinner time!You should prepare some delicious foods for your guests. What food you like?
    7.Hey! You must be the greatest foods maker in our crazy kitchen. Show up your talent and cook pasta in our diner game.
    8.Gosh! Your first love is facing the greatest problem now!What will you do? Can you have the courage to fight against the difficulty?
    9.Mermaid princess Mia is angry for that her father is strongly opposed to her first love Eric. What a heartbreak love story.
    10.You genius! Follow our game and DIY crafts like compass. Help mermaid Mia find the right way and fight for love.
    11.Princess Mia decides to follow her heart and pursue true love. Please help her escape from the sea!
    12.The course of true love never do run smooth. The king of the ocean finds out that Mia escaped from the sea.Will this high school love story have a happy ending?

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