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    Learning Italian has never been so easy with our Italian language course!!! The app is focused on teaching the Italian alphabet and grammar. Very useful for beginners and for children.

    Thanks to us you will have the opportunity to watch 80 video of Italian lessons and play over 400 interactive grammar and syntax exercises. What are you waiting for? You can also learn to read and write in Italian in a short time !!!! The user interface is translated into the following languages: EN-IT-FR-AR

    The APP of the course "I Learn Italian Language" is based on the psycho-pedagogic model designed by Maria Amata Garito.

    To study the Italian language through the APP would be useful to obtain:
    1. Squared notebook for writing and pencil / pen;
    2. Dictionary of the Italian language;
    3. Touch pen.

    App features:
    1. How to study
    - Presentation of the course and instructions for use.
    - List of the course topics.
    2. List of lessons divided into 5 modules
    - The Italian alphabet. Words that begin with the letters of the alphabet.
    - Nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives, verbs and verb conjugations.
    - Of grammar: adverbs, prepositions, pronouns and verb tenses.
    -Rules Syntax: simple and complex sentences.
    -Depth study of grammar and vocabulary.
    3. List of the exercises
    4. Notebook for writing
    5. Profiling
    6. Credits
    7. Website of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO developer
    8. Website of the UNINETTUNO STORE
    9. Contact Form for support

    The app of the course "I Learn Italian – The Treasure of the Letters" takes origin form the EducaItalia - l'Italia che Educa project, realized by Consorzio NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque.

    The two distance courses – “I Learn Italian – The Treasure of the Letters” and “Learn Arabic – The Treasure of the Letters” – use the use the same psycho-pedagogic model, designed by. Maria Amata Garito. The method being adopted combines the synthetic method with the global-analytical one. The video teacher, Prof. Massimo Arcangeli, guides the learner, step by step, into the learning of Italian by illustrating its alphabet, showing its writing modes, explaining its grammar structures.

    The videolessons’ focal points are the words, that are represented by various objects available in the studio and on the single letters which form them. The video teacher presents the objects starting with the letter treated in the lesson, he pauses on pictures, on their forms, on their use in everyday life; he writes the words and pronounces them correctly, inviting the learners to link them to the pictures in order to enhance their memorization and helps them to develop both the visual and audio channels.

    The synthetic method is matched with the global analytical one and the lesson becomes a narrative of the virtual world of Second Life. In Second Life, in UNINETTUNO Island of Knowledge, in a tridimensional scenario a virtual house was built: a theatre in which the avatars become actors and tell the stories, events and activities of typical Italian family.

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