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    Much Anticipated ctOS Full Version theme is now live! ctOS UI is a proficient designed android widget especially made for all those sci-fi fans who loves to have to cool gadget in their hand which they can control. It comes with Real-Time weather and system updates. You can also open the specific app just by tapping on its hotspot which is fully customizable and shortcuts to over 15+ apps.

    - Highly detailed ctOS design.
    - 6 Live Animations!
    - Real-Time Weather and System Updates
    - Customizable 15+ clickable shortcuts.
    - Depth Customizations to suit your needs.
    - Constant Updates and Dedicated Support
    - Standalone theme. No Zooper or KWLP Required.

    - Any Launcher with ability to hide the dock and change grid size. (Nova or Apex Launcher Recommended)

    Installation Instructions
    - Provided within the app in FAQ tab.

    Give it a minute to update. Enable the animations if you want in configuration app. Enjoy!

    TIP: To add app drawer to the widget hotspot. Just go to the configuration app, click on the image button next to app drawer and choose Shortcut>Nova/Apex Activity>App Drawer.

    There is also configuration app provided with it to set up your own hotspots.


    Q- Widget isn't fit properly. Can't see whole widget!
    A- Please change your launcher grid size to 6x4 and Disable the padding.

    Q- Widget is not updating. HELP!
    A- Sometimes it can take a while to update on regular basis. On these scenarios, you can tap apply button in the configuration app to force the update.

    Support - If you find any trouble during installation or have any queries regarding this theme, please don't hesitate to email me. (Look at bottom for developer email)

    Note: This theme is not affiliated nor does it endorse any products with Watch Dogs or Ubisoft.

    Follow for regular updates. Thanks!

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