News Cloud - Keyword News Noti

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    Keyword-based news app , News Cloud

    Please just click once to get the news.
    You don't have to search news which you want to check with Portal internet service.
    Just register the key word to News Cloud.
    If you use News Cloud Alarm service, News cloud notify every time if there are new news with keyword which you registered to News Cloud.

    Features .

    Provides the Tab UI

    Notification capabilities.
    - Without having to check every time, News Cloud will automatically check the News periodically.
    - If you have any news , you will be notified .

    Favorites(News Storage) function.
    - While checking news , if you need to save, the news will be stored directly when you touch the icon in the upper right corner of news screen.
    - With Favorite tab, you can manage the whole stored news .

    Lighter, Faster.
    - Designed and made ​​it possible to avoid system load .
    - Minimize the use of memory and storage, so nearly no effect on the system .

    Easy and intuitive.
    - Keywords registration / deletion is easy.
    - Change the order and keywords .
    - You can adjust the notification interval .

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