News In Espanol




    Derived from the U.S. operations of Global Media Federation, the company is born with talent, advertising services and full service capabilities.

    Global Media Federation, a corporation that reinvents the world news through its product "World News en Español", today officially opens its doors. The new company is a growing and innovative with an impact on the media and entertainment markets, with added capabilities, executive talent and new frontiers to include the efficient delivery of information on a global basis. During the last 12 months, Raul Acosta, President and CEO ofGlobal Media Federation, has guided the internal team in preparation for the launch of the organization.

    The primary focus of Global Media Federation with its product "World News en Español" is to inform and educate the Hispanic population through informative resources: Innovative Digital Newspapers presenting all varieties of information about events and occurrences in the United States and the world. These are composed of 50 pages for the USA and 50 pages for Spanish-speaking countries in different continents. In addition to the news pages, a platform of TV channels and Internet Radio has been added.

    Along with Raul Acosta, are incorporated as part of the management team Miguel Angel Medina as Vice President of Sales, Miguel Miguel as Vice President of Programming and Entertainment, and Eric Gomez as General Coordinator, alongside hundreds of partners in different media of USA, Latin America and Europe.

    " The Hispanic Market in the United States represents the fastest growing ethnic group," said Raul Acosta, " The Hispanic community represents a purchasing power of 1.5 trillion dollars, with a 78% of internet users with a growth rate of 9% per year. For this, we are sure that what we will achieve will be of high importance for Hispanics and for everyone! "