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    【What’s so special about the free Niconico Box app?】
    NicoBox Features

    Background Playback

    - Enjoy listening to music while using other apps or surfing the web

    Fast and Simple, No Membership Required

    - Niconico account users can connect Nicobox with their Niconico My Lists

    Create an unlimited number of unique Playlists

    - Find videos you like and create our own unique playlist.

    Special Song Rankings

    - Check out the most popular Vocaloid, Sang_it, and Played_it songs from Nicobox’s special song rankings

    Kickback while auto-playing songs from rankings or your playlist

    - Nicobox supports features such as Shuffle, Repeat, and Full List Repeat for your favorite songs

    GooglePlay’s Best App

     - Selected as one of Google’s 2015’s best apps

    Find out the most popular My Lists and trending songs from NicoBox's official SNS accounts!


    What is Niconico?
    “Niconico” is one of the largest video based services in Japan.

    It features services (ex: Niconico Douga and Niconico Live) that allow users to communicate with one another via comments while viewing content. These services act to facilitate a shared watching experience among viewers.

    What is Niconico Douga?
    Niconico Douga is a service that allows users to add comments to videos played on the website or inside apps. This service adds a layer of fun and excitement that you can’t get by simply watching videos.

    Niconico Douga includes a wide range of video categories.

    In particular, the music category includes video content for Sang_it, Played_it, and the Vocaloids ( Miku, Rin/Len, Luka, Meiko, Kaito etc) as well as for video game music, j-pop, rock, and dance .

    In addition, Niconico Douga’s category and overall rankings allow you to find your favorite videos quick and easy.

    ・Supports Android 4.0.3 and above
    ・Accessible content and app features differ depending on whether you are a free or paying (premium) member

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