Main goal of the Night Mode is to allow you to reduce the brightness of the screen lower than what you can achieve with the default settings.

    If you use your smart phone at night and feels that screen brightness hurt your eyes 'Night Mode' is here to rescue you. This app works as Screen Filter or Dimmer, you can reduce the screen brightness even below the lowest possible by default settings and protect your eyes.

    This app is far more powerful than Android's default brightness setting and filter out the excessive brightness and dims the screen. Great for low-light web browsing, eBook reading and games. It can even saves battery life for AMOLED displays!

    * With the app you can also schedule the NightMode to Turn On or OFF automatically at any particular time.
    * You have the option to control the Ringtone and Notifications sound while NightMode is active.

    You can choose from options to
    1. Disable the sound and put the device in vibrator mode.
    2. Disable the sound and vibration completely.

    Once any option is chosen it will become active as soon as Night Mode becomes active.
    When Night Mode deactivates, it will set the sound settings as before the activation.

    * Ringtone and Notification sound settings doesn't affect the sound for Alarms and Music.

    keyword : Dimmer, Screen Filter

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