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    Northpoint is a premier condominium development located at the heart of north Davao's business and commercial district. As a Vista Residences development, Northpoint is backed by Vista Land's expertise both in horizontal and vertical projects. Thus, making it an ideal haven --offering a lifestyle unmatched by other condominiums in the city

    But beyond the condominium development lies a more compelling character that is yet to unfold -- one that is undeniably rooted in the rich history of Davao and the land that Northpoint stands on.

    It all started in the early 1900s, when a Scotsman, Robert Ker, arrived in Davao to establish his own abaca business. Ker had been engaged in abaca trading since the 1800s, and came to Davao to build his own plantation. He acquired a property that overlooked the Davao Gulf, where he built a white European-inspired house that became his home and base of operations.

    Ker leased the neighboring lands to expand his plantation, and others in the community started to grow abaca to sell to him. By the 1920s, Davao had become the center of abaca production in the Philippines, a large part of it owed to Ker and his business undertakings.

    Ker ceased his abaca operations in 1961 but continued its distribution business, turning the plantation house as residence of the Davao branch manager of Ker & Company up to the time it was sold to Camella in 2009.

    While Scottish by birth, Ker had become one of the Davaoeños, fondly remembered by the people, especially descendants of his many employees who tell stories of him bestowing his land to their families.

    This bond was strengthened by the citation given by the National Historical Commission to Ker & Company as one of the top 10 oldest companies in the Philippines. Ker had become an indelible part of Davao's rich history, as one of its foreign inhabitants who became purveyors of commercial development.

    Until now, even as the property takes on a new shape with the construction of the condominiums, the people of Davao, or at least those who knew of the original owners of the property, still cherish good memories of the Scotsman.

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