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    This is a Donation version of NOTEify - This donation could help me hire a good Graphic Designer and keep updating , maintaining and improving NOTEify into perfection.

    As some of you might know, NOTEify is a personal project of mine, which I design, maintain and update in my own free time.

    This version has some small extra features over the regular NOTEify version (you can see in screenshots)
    *The regular version is still FREE and Ad-Free and will remain that way FOREVER :)

    The extra features are a complimentary for those who want me to keep updating NOTEify more often and give a small bit from theme self by helping me doing it.

    For those of you who don't know NOTEify:

    A simple reminder for your contacts

    Welcome to NOTEify, a helpful application that will be useful for creating a clear schedule and be reminded of all the tasks you need to do in order to live your life in a more organized way.

    Sync your contacts, create color notes and have them show during calls, so you always know what you want to say to them. You can drag around the notes to hide them or have them present, whatever feels more comfortable. In addition, feel free to send the note to other contacts if you find it useful.

    The design of NOTEify is great, everything is minimalist and clear and NOTEify becomes a helpful and simple tool for professionals and also people who merely want to organize themselves better.

    NOTEify, a colorful reminder which works really well.

    Detailed Description:

    NOTEify is the perfect app to use when you want to get reminded about specific information or discussions with your contacts.

    You may choose from a variety of many in-call or in-app options, including:

    -Showing notes during in or out calls.

    -Showing the contact you are talking to with his full details during the same call.

    -Adding a new contact with his full details for an unrecognized number during the call itself!

    -Changing and designing your own notes color and text color for individual contacts or a whole group of contacts.

    -Notes can be minimized or be dragged along the screen during call for maximal convenience.

    -Notes saved within the app or during a phone call will also be saved to the other contacts app on your device.

    -Many in-call or in-app specific note options, including navigate to an address written in the note, send the note displayed to other contacts, create reminders of a specific conversation and much more…

    -This app is equipped with its own designed widget for maximal convenience to activate or block notes from being showed during a phone call.

    -Many more options and possibilities can be found inside the in-app options for your own convenience…

    English, German and Hebrew languages are fully supported.

    Hey Guys :

    **** Before leaving a low rating, please consider contacting us (email below) with your feedback first. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, and we are willing to help resolve any issues you might have. We hope to make this app the ultimate notes tool for your contacts experience!

    You can use the "Email Developer" link below or you can send directly to

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