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    "Numberschool" - explosive entertaining interactive cool maths for kids! We are going to solve mathematical and logic examples, math problems, learn numbers and count together with Letter Eater. Learning 123 and mathematics, addition and deduction become easy with fun interactive math explosions.
    Our learning interactive app for kids will not only teach your child (preschool or kindergarten) how to count. "Numberschool" for kids and toddlers is aimed at understanding of the composition of the numbers. Your kid will know that number 5 can be obtained by different combinations (1+4 or 2+3). In this IQ brain mathematics game we will count and calculate bombs and fireworks! "Numberschool" for kids and toddlers attracts attention of a child by bright explosions and colorful fireworks that light up every time your kid solves maths problems correctly. But be careful! One wrong answer - and the bombs will disappear!
    "Numberschool" for kids and toddlers is aimed at forming a skill of verbal count. Difficult and uninteresting work with numbers is transformed here into fun IQ math game! While loading bombs and missiles on a cart to see another holiday fireworks children are going through all the stages of forming of skill and learns how to calculate and count automatically. Educational cool brain maths game "Numberschool" for kids and toddlers includes mathematical exercises of different levels of difficulty, that is why it is appropriate for homeschooling children. We will be learning how to count to ten, compose numbers of two terms, develop logic thinking, study 123.
    "Numberschool" for kids and toddlers is one of the best math games for kids. You will not need math worksheets with addition and deduction exercises any more, and your kid will learn that math is fun! Our math is suitable both for primary school or preschool and for toddlers and kindergarten children, it will also work well for homeschooling. "Numberschool" for kids and toddlers is a new game in the series of educational games, developed by “Ukrop inc”.

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