Shop healthier and earn rewards!

    Let’s face it. Following a healthy diet can be confusing and more expensive. You want to be healthier for you and your family, yet you want to do so intelligently, and without breaking the bank.
    Welcome to NutriSavings, a new digital nutritional solution that is designed to boost your healthy food budget and eliminate confusion at the supermarket aisle. Our solution is designed to enhance your shopping experience when seeking healthy foods. With our barcode scanner, you can easily access nutrition facts, ingredient lists, recommendations, and nutritional scores on about 100,000 items. You can create shopping lists that are pre-scored for nutritional value to ensure maximum nutrition in every shopping trip. Even better, NutriSavings offers exclusive discounts on nutritious foods and rewards you for making healthier purchases through incentive programs set up with your employer. A healthier and wealthier you!

    You must be a member to login to NutriSavings.
    In order to become a member, your employer or health plan provider must participate in the NutriSavings program and offer it to you as an employee wellness benefit. Ask your HR benefits coordinator for more information on NutriSavings

    Key features
    • Product barcode scanner gives you access to nutritional scores, nutrition labels, recommendations, and ingredients on about 100,000 food & beverage items.
    • Nutrition tracker. See your grocery basket score improve over time and experience the health benefits that come with a more nutritious diet.
    • Flags products that you should avoid based on your food allergies and/or health status.
    • Save time! Create pre-scored digital shopping lists from anywhere. Easily swap unhealthy products with healthier options.
    • Exclusive discounts on healthy products. Earn rewards based on your healthy purchases (depends on your employer incentive program.)
    • Get the latest scoop on nutrition and recipes from nutritionists and dietitians.
    • Works with your supermarket rewards card. No more paper coupons!
    • Digitally store your supermarket rewards card to access it anytime.
    • Helps you locate supermarkets near you that accept NutriSavings.

    How it works
    It’s as easy as 1-2-3

    1. Sign up at work –In order to sign up for NutriSavings, your employer or health plan needs to offer it to you as an employee wellness benefit. Ask your HR benefits coordinator for more information on NutriSavings. If your company does not offer NutriSavings, encourage them to sign up in order to help employees shop healthier and save money.

    2. Register your Supermarket Rewards Card –Register a supermarket rewards card. If you do not have a loyalty card, our Mobile App enables you to easily add one or find out information from your supermarket on how to apply for one.

    3. Go shopping and enjoy NutriSavings! – That’s it. Shop at your supermarket with your rewards card as you normally do, and access our key features from home, office, at the supermarket, or when you are on the go.

    We Guarantee Your Privacy
    NutriSavings does not share your purchase data with any party. Your health and shopping information will remain entirely private. Only you will know what you’ve purchased and be able to track your personal progress.

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