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    Published: 2017-06-29, by .

    Get complete drug information so yo can take control of your medication

    • Provides you with complete drug information
    • Easy to use
    • Useful for travellers
    • Not free

    "A pharmacist in your pocket"


    Oceans mHealth is a useful app that will let you take absolute control about your medication. This app has a Pharmacist option that will provide you with essential safety information so you can know, in every case, the drug's ingredients, manufacturer, dosage and the label information. In addition, it will help you to understand what the drug does and it's possible side effects. You can even set a reminder so you don't forget to take your medicine.

    The Drug Interactions section of the app shows you the possible interactions between drugs, so you will know if it's dangerous or not to combine certain medication.

    And, if you are a traveller, Oceans mHealth will make your trips safer than ever before. Thanks to Drug Match, you will be able to check your medication in more than 110 countries all over the world.


    Oceans mHealth will provide all the information you need to take medication without any risk. Additionally, it's intuitive interface, makes this app really handy and easy to use, so everyone is able to handle it without any problem.


    One negative thing about Oceans mHealth could be that is not a free app. However, considering what this app can do for your health, this shouldn't be a problem.


    by Miquel

    Jun 29, 2017


    Ideal for all, including parents, the over 50’s, the fitness conscious, frequent travellers, health professionals, those in-treatment, or outpatients with ongoing medical conditions, with the app containing full medical and clinical reference.

    The Oceans mHealth Virtual Pharmacist app provides clear, comprehensive drug information for you and your family. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to be in control of their/their family’s medication and know what drugs they’re taking.

    The Ocean mHealth Virtual Pharmacist includes:

    19.5m+ global drug generic product names
    12.5m+ drug interactions
    1.1m drug ingredients
    The Oceans mHealth Virtual Pharmacist features the following:   
    MY VIRTUAL PHARMACIST - This provides you with clear and concise drug information enabling you to have informed conversations with your health care practitioner and feel in control of what you and your family are taking. You can check all aspects of a particular drug such as what it does, the ingredients, manufacturer, dosage, label information and possible side effects; giving you the knowledge you need and peace of mind.
    DRUG INTERACTIONS CHECKER – As well as arming you with comprehensive information regarding the drugs you/your family are taking, our interactions checker with easy-to-use red, amber, green indicators enables you to check how your drugs combine in the body, what potential side effects are evidenced and how severe these might be. The checker includes prescribed and over the counter drugs as well as supplements giving you a good understanding of what you're taking.  
    DRUG MATCH – Don’t leave home without it! Invaluable for travellers, holidaymakers, businessmen and health professionals, Drug Match by country enables you to check your medication in 110+ countries and match it to an equivalent product available locally should you need to whilst you’re away from home. You can then provide the pharmacist the correct drug name and obtain the right product whilst you’re overseas and language may be an issue.   
    DRUG DIARY - Remember to take your medication and order repeat supplies the easy way with your own Drug Diary. This can you help you more effectively manage any on-going conditions you or your family suffer from through by reminding you take your medicine regularly as advised by your health care professional. Setting up reminders for repeat prescriptions will help you avoid running out when life gets busy.     
    The Virtual Pharmacist is brought to you by Oceans mHealth, a medtech business focused on patient safety. Visit our website for more details

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