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    Every Navy SEAL who has ever earned the Trident started his journey by meeting, and in most cases exceeding the requirements of the Physical Screening Test (PST).

    Your performance on the PST is measured by a composite number based on five components: swimming, push-ups, curl-ups, pull-ups and running. The lower your score, the better.

    This app allows you to take a timed PST and see if you have the physical fitness requirements to start Basic Underwater Demolition/SELA (BUD/S) training. We've also compiled 300 PST results from candidates who excelled during their training so you can find out where you rank.

    Our Goals page lets you set your goal and immediately see how you would rank against the 300.

    You'll find quick links to SEAL training resources, Prep Docs and training videos and the official SEAL Training online forum.

    Are you ready to see if you have what it takes?

    Official Navy SEAL Training App features:

    - Use the PST Calculator to rank yourself against the 300

    - Set goals to see where you would rank in each component

    - Join the Official Navy SEAL Training Forum

    - Discover the SEAL training pipeline: NSW Prep, NSW Orientation, First Phase, Second Phase, Third Phase and SQT

    - Learn about Officer and Enlisted SEAL general requirements, application steps and FAQ

    - Watch exclusive online training videos

    - Download all the documents you'll need for Navy SEAL Basic Underwater

    Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S)

    - Read about physical preparation: Swimming, running, strength conditioning, injury

    prevention, and nutrition

    Links to these documents are included:

    - Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide (BUD/S NSW PT Guide)

    - Naval Special Warfare Injury Prevention Guide (BUD/S NSW IP Guide)

    - Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide (NAVSPECWARCOM Nutrition Guide)

    - Naval Special Warfare Combat Side Stroke Guide (NSW CSS Guide)

    - PST Instructions (Physical Screening Testing Standards and Procedures)

    - Navy Challenge Program for new recruits

    - Special Warfare Operator Testing Standards and Procedures for Fleet recruits

    - Manual of the Medical Department 2012 (Section 15-105 Special Operations Duty)

    - Report of Medical History form for Fleet recruits

    - Report of Medical Examination form for Fleet recruits

    - U.S. Military Diving Medical Screening Questionnaire form for Fleet recruits

    - Special Programs Screening form for Fleet recruits

    - Special Request Chit for Fleet recruits

    Watch the Online Training Videos:

    - NSW Prep. Overview

    - Prep. For NSW Prep. Part #1

    - Prep. For NSW Prep. Part #2

    - 800 Division

    - BUD/S First Phase

    - BUD/S Hell Week

    - BUD/S Hell Week Secure Class 272

    - BUD/S Obstacle Course

    - BUD/S Second Phase

    - BUD/S Third Phase

    - BUD/S San Clemente Island

    - SEAL Qualification Training

    - Swim Prep

    - Shoulder Strength Part #1

    - Shoulder Strength Part #2

    - Mile Progression

    - Running Shoe Selection

    - Knee Pain

    - Stress Fractures

    - Nutrition

    Developed by iHigh, Inc. for Naval Special Warfare

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