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    Ohanae delivers secure file sharing in a whole new way. Ohanae is the secure file sharing platform for enterprise social network, file sync & share, email attachment, making sharing of files and passwords safer, faster, and more private.

    - Ohanae allows users to easily create, share, and keep files in the cloud, while permitting secure and simple access from any devices.
    - Unlike anyone else Ohanae takes a two-prong approach to secure both your passwords and files through zero knowledge encryption. Ohanae is unique because it allows security to travel with shared files to give organizations full visibility and control.
    - The Ohanae solution is easy to install and use without any disruption to your normal workflows, users can download the Ohanae app from the popular app stores. It’s easy, it’s powerful, and it’s here!

    Ohanae secures your files and passwords on any devices running Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and in the cloud without requiring storage of any associated credentials.

    In cases of secure file sharing, files are encrypted using unique encryption keys which are associated with specific recipients. This allows other Ohanae users to receive encrypted files from you without their knowing any of your critical security data, while maintaining the same level of data security.

    For private files in your Google Drive, Ohanae transparently encrypts files using a highly secure key that is generated on each use and not stored on the device or in the cloud. This encryption prevents access to documents by unauthorized users who might compromise your Google Drive accounts.

    The password management function ensures that your online credentials are unique. These unique, highly secure passwords are not stored on the device nor in the cloud, they are dynamically created and then erased locally from your desktop or mobile devices.

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