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    Don't you think it’s very frustrating when you get calls from your boss at the time you are hanging out with your friends or get calls from anyone when you are busy at something and the most frustrating moment getting calls when you are sleeping :(

    We tried to solve this problem with Ollo, NexGen Contacts & Dialer app. Now you can set and indicate your availability to answer any incoming call to your phone contacts through icons.

    How it works:
    Remember those green, grey, red icons on instant messenger which indicate your availability on that instant messenger. It’s just the same here. You set your availability to answer any incoming call through icons to your phone contacts.

    Icons and their meaning
    Available: Available to respond any incoming calls.
    Busy: Bit busy with something but may receive a call.
    Super Busy: Very Busy, don't disturb me at all.
    Offline: Sleeping or busy with something personal or family.
    On Call: User is on call with someone.
    *There is no icon for unregistered phone contact.

    You can create groups and add your phone contacts to groups.
    You can set status symbol for a specific group.
    *if you assign a status symbol for any specific group, for rest of the group you have, your status will be available.

    But what if someone called you even if your status is Busy/Super Busy/Offline and you really don't want to pick up the call.
    How about if the call automatically gets declined and a custom (or Default) message is sent to the caller.

    So, when you set your status as Busy/Super Busy/Offline, the next screen will ask you for what time you want the phone to ring. You set the timer here and you select a default message or you write your custom message. Now whenever you are at Busy/Super Busy/Offline status, the app will decline the call and will send the messenger to the caller ...all by don't even have to touch the phone :) You don't want to send message to the caller, easy, you can opt out of sending message. The app will just decline the call.

    Now you want to see who called you when you are Busy/Super Busy/Offline, just go to the Call Log and there will be an icon against the phone contacts names/unknown number whose call got declined by the app.

    Ok, so what feature of Ollo need internet connection and what feature don't need internet connection.

    For getting the status icon of your phone contacts, you need internet connection enabled on your device (wi-fi or any type of connection)

    The blocking the calls and sending sms you don't need internet connection on your mobile.

    You can only see status icons on your phone contacts that have Ollo on their device. That means both you and your phone contact must have Ollo installed on their mobile.
    For Call blocking and sending sms features, it’s based on your setting and callers don’t need Ollo installed on their device.

    The Most Awesome feature:
    It’s frustrating when you call someone and he/she is on phone with someone else. And you never know when he/she hangs up their phone. It’s bad for both caller and callee...right?
    So, the awesome thing is, the app will automatically set a icon if your phone contact is on phone with someone. You don't even have to call him. So no more busy tone now :)

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