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    One Book Away shows a summary of your activity at the Seattle Public Library.

    This app provides a dashboard-like summary of your borrowing activity at the library. Items that require your attention move to the top of the list as needed - a due date, an item waiting for you on the shelves, etc. For items on hold, it estimates how long you may have to wait for it. For example, if you know it will take about 60 days for a book to arrive, you might decide to read something else while waiting.

    New Features:
    - Background updates! Always have your most recent activity available as soon as you open the app.
    - Option to remove Ads

    - Designed after a classic library checkout card
    - Stores your user credentials securely within the app
    - For items on hold, it shows an estimate for how long you should have to wait for it to become available
    - For checked-out items, it shows how many days until it is due
    - For items that are waiting for you, shows how many days it will be held on the shelves for you to pick up
    - Shows a detail page for each item, with a short synopsis

    Things this app does not do:
    - The app is meant as an interactive report for your library usage. It cannot request a new book, renew a currently checked out book, etc. If it becomes popular, I will consider adding these features
    - The app cannot track digital items: e-books, downloadable audiobooks, etc (however CD-based audiobooks are fine)

    The Seattle library does not provide a public API to access their information, so data is gathered from their website. If the library changes the layout of their web pages, this application will likely not work until I have a chance to update it accordingly.

    Finally, this app will only work with the Seattle Public Library. However, if your library’s website uses the Horizon system, it should be possible to make it work with your library too. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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