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    9 Cools Reasons to have Ookbee Application.

    1. Believe it or Not! It wins “Best of 2016 Apps” Awards from “Google”

    2. Girls, go search Ookbee’s CEO on Google. He’s very hot guy!!!

    3. Show your friend you’re the one of not much people who know Ookbee come from
    the words “e-book”, now you look 10% smarter.

    4. Only 1 step to get smart look. Just open Ookbee app on your smartphone while the
    others checking their social networks. Boys or Girls who read e-book is charming.

    5. Thailand’s biggest e-book Store on iOS and Android.

    6. All about E series such e-books, e-magazines, e-newspaper, AudioBooks and Class online like Skilllane are all available on Ookbee.

    7. Single issue, subscription or all you can read. All you need is in Ookbee.

    8. Get 7 days trial for free!!! Absolutely Free!!!

    9. Enjoy “Daily Prophet”. Ookbee come with secret video, hidden e-magazines you
    cannot find out in paper book.

    Ookbee App is the latest bookstore app with wide selection of digital books and magazines across Asia from the creator of largest digital bookstores in Thailand.
    There are both free and paid (with big discount from print edition) publications.

    Search/Browse/Download digital publications including:
    300+ digital magazines from the leading names such as FHM MAXIM HELLO! Men's Health etc.
    1000+ e-books from renowned authors in the region.
    10+ leading daily newspapers.
    Read-on-the-fly, no need to wait for the publication to finish downloading.
    Read offline once publication is completely downloaded. No Internet connection needed.

    OOKBEE introduce all popular Thai magazine with subscription, offering subscription start from 7 days, 1 month, 6 month and 1 Year.

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    And also we have many interesting application such as "Thairath AR” most popular right now.

    ** Application will store and access information like download large content on your phone if something went wrong have to reinstall no need to re-download content and also this will let you can read or listen in offline mode.

    Recommended Specification:
    - Android Version: 4.4.x later
    - CPU 1 GHz with GPU (ARM Only)
    - Ram 1024 MB
    - Official rom

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