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    Keys are boring. Keys are heavy. Keys are so last week.Get rid of f**king keys.

    OOP is the best and most secure way to access anywhere without the need of any key, just your phone. With a simple 2-minute installation have a total control of who is using any access you control and when. Only phones that have been previously paired by the administrator can go through a door, but if you haven’t, don’t panic. You can request for permission always to the administrator.

    Many different and useful features for administrators (bosses).

    **Set up:
    - New Digital keys
    - Digital remote permits to other users

    - Open doors
    - Open doors remotely

    - Sort and group your keys in different key chains
    - Block doors (so nobody will annoy you)
    - Deny permissions to certain undesirable users
    - Provide temporary or one-time permissions
    - Ask for permissions in situ

    All technology used is the most secure, of course. Where you doubting? A combination of NFC, IMEI code, AES 256 bits encrypted codes and preprogrammed super cool locks with unique IDs will make your access impossible to hack. Not even for you Mr. Snowden.

    The app OOP is totally free. We don’t believe in money but tragically an OOP lock (which you will have to pay a good money for) is required.

    This is a ThisisMoncho joint…


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