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    Application is a modern catalog of the best commercial real estate. The offer will find offices in convenient locations, investment areas, storage yards, and even logistics facilities as high storage halls, warehouses, hotels, hostels, houses and apartments. All rental and sales come directly from the property owner.

    We specialize in the revitalization of decaying buildings and commercialization of real estate. Through the process of revitalization of historic objects and restore a post of their former glory. Revitalization is not just a process of improving the aesthetics of the region, but also conducive to its development, among others, by forming a new job here. In our facilities we combine modernity and tradition. We offer rental and sales, we offer offices, warehouses, storage yards, logistics, retail space.

    Find your property in our booming directory. Everything is presented in a transparent manner with maps and GPS indicator. Intuitive division in each category will allow you to easily navigate the real estate offered by us. Your new office, apartment, house or even a hotel or hostel is always at your fingertips in a mobile application OPAL Maximum - Real Estate.

    To learn more about interesting real estate you just click on the item in the list and when you go to announcement card you can view photos, read about it a lot more. With the tab, you can just check how close to the center, a neighboring town, and more.

    Built-in contact form enables communications from Us, and sending the query in seconds directly to us. No need to log in to your inbox click, and send directly from the app!

    Unlike other applications that require few "rights" - we respect your privacy and we want you to be sure that no charge other data in the background! The application has a small weight, the resolution allows you to display it on the tablet 7 "or 10", and also on the phone 4. "Size does not matter.

    Feel free to use our mobile and dynamic directory OPAL Maximum - Real Estate.

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