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    OpenLauncher isn't just another Android launcher. It's much more than that. It's for the security conscious.

    OpenLauncher is the official launcher for OpenROM v1, a CyanogenMod based ROM.
    If you use OpenROM, then you will be able to update your launcher and your browser straight from Google Play instead of having to wait for the next ROM build for an update!

    You ever download an app that makes unwanted shortcuts on your homescreen? Not going to be a problem anymore as OpenLauncher will require apps to have the ACCESS_LAUNCHER permission granted to it before it can even touch your launcher's settings!

    Please note that OpenLauncher is in it's extremely early stages, therefore there will be bugs and we ask that you submit all app crashes to Google so we can investigate them properly, and fix them so we won't have that problem again.

    Explanation of Permissions:

    Phone calls - Do you really need an explanation for this?
    Your Accounts - Upcoming launcher sync feature requires this. (Replaced by OpenSync API in
    Superuser - Upcoming feature to allow you to be able to remove bloatware same way as uninstalling a regular app. (Removed in
    Control Flashlight - Not really needed, and will be removed in (Removed)
    Control Vibration - Not sure why we need this, but we do.
    Wallpaper - Again, is an explanation really needed?
    Read Home Settings - Deprecated for us, kept for legacy reasons. (Will be removed soon.)
    Write Home Settings - Deprecated for us, kept for legacy reasons. (Will be removed soon.)
    Full OpenSync API Access - This permission is reserved for OpenROM, and it allows unrestricted access to OpenSync.

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