A songbook app designed for and musicians, singers, worship leaders, etc. that allows you to view chord charts and lyrics on your Android device and use it as a portable music songbook. The app uses the OpenSong format, but will also open and convert songs created in ChordPro and OnSong format. PDF documents are also supported on Android Lollipop.

    Please check the online help pages if you have problems:


    Performance (musician) mode
    Stage (tech team) mode
    Presentation (projecting lyrics) mode.
    Fully indexed search feature
    4 fully customisable display themes (light, dark, etc.)
    Supports ALL Bluetooth pedals
    Metronome (audio and visual)
    Built in pads (matching the key of the song) - 24 included
    Include your own backing tracks
    Song sticky notes
    Highlighter/drawing tool
    Import songs from UG and Chordie
    Use the camera to take a photo of a song sheet and use this
    Create and edit songs
    Show/hide chords
    Set preferred keys (e.g. Gb or F#)
    View chord diagrams for guitar, ukulele, banjo, cavaquinho and mandolin. You can also create custom chords
    Support for European chord formats (es/is/Do re mi) and Nashville numbering.
    Create and edit sets of songs, slides, notes, scriptures
    Export and share songs and sets with others
    Songs in sets can be converted to 'Variations'. This allows you to modify songs in your set without changing the original
    Load in previously created/shared sets
    Allows images to be used as songs
    Will display PDF documents in performance mode (e.g. scanned sheet music) - this is only available on devices running API 21/5.0 (Android Lollipop) or above. Multiple page PDF files are supported.
    Current song can be looked up on YouTube via search button
    Fully compatible with .onsong, .pro and .chopro file format (songs are automatically converted into OpenSong format)
    Import all songs from an onsong backup file
    Dual screen presentation of songs with custom background images and video
    Allows user choice of storing song on internal or external memory (SD card)

    The app can be used as a replacement for any bulky paper based song folder for performing musicians.

    I am constantly looking to improve and update this app and welcome suggestions, requests, etc.

    OpenSongApp is designed to compliment the Open Source application for Linux/Windows/Mac that allows churches to project song lyrics, Bible verses, etc.

    An Android alternative to OnSong.

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