Square Note: Gregorian Chant

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    Gregorian Chant for the Masses!

    Square Note puts a huge library of Gregorian Chant scores—over 800 unique chants and counting—right at your fingertips. Always wanted to learn how to read square note notation? Always wondered how to find all the amazing Gregorian Chants of the Catholic Church? Square Note brings the ancient music of the Church to your mobile devices, ready for you to utilize in your schola, your choir, or your home.

    * Beautifully rendered chant that automatically formats itself to fit nicely on your screen.
    * Listen to the melodies of the chants, adjusting speed and pitch, to learn how the chants are sung.
    * Easily adjust chant viewing settings, including zooming in, zooming out, and toggling certain chant markings.
    * Bookmark your favorite chants or the ones you'll be practicing in your schola.
    * Search and find chants by name or even by searching through the full text of the chant.
    * Automatically include Gloria Patri paradigms to your Introit and Communion antiphons.

    CURRENT CHANTS: Mass Propers for the Proper of Seasons (Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form); some propers for major Feasts and Solemnities; most commons for both the OF and EF; Latin Kyriale, including all traditional 18 Masses and 6 Creeds; some Marian antiphons (simple and solemn forms) and a smattering of other antiphons and hymns. More chants to come--let us know what you'd like to see included!

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