Hi there! I'm Zap, the Zapiens AI bot!

    I can help you find all the answers to your questions and through your knowledge, make you one of your organisation's most valuable assets! I'm going to learn from you too by asking you questions! Aside from floating around in cyber-space, there's nothing I love more than learning and asking questions!

    So how does all this work exactly?
    Well, we often find that the person with the answer isn't close by. Have no fear because it's my job to find them!

    Many of the questions you have each day have easy answers, it's just knowing who holds the answer! I will look for the right person to answer you and I'll be asking you when other people need to know something too.

    Does this mean that it's like an exam?
    Noo!! You'll be learning in exactly the same way as a child does, playing and doing - because that's the best way to learn! You'll train by answering both my questions and the questions of other people in your company or organisation. Bit by bit, you'll gain knowledge and points and you'll move up the ranking, converting yourself into an expert!

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