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    Outlook Money has completed 13 years of leadership in Personal Finance. It is reader-friendly while covering all aspects of individual financial planning; earning better, cash flow management, banking, nuances of insurance buying and claims (both life and general), investing in deposits, funds and stocks, portfolio management, real estate buying funds and stocks, portfolio management, real estate buying and interiors, philanthropy and utility spending. The magazine is looked up to for its depth of coverage, correctness of information, utility and editorial style that makes even hard to understand personal finance issues a breeze.

    May 2014: FINANCIAL YEAR PLANNER The start of a new financial year is great time to plan your finances. Articles on home loan prepayment, tax planning, and health covers to give you a helping hand 36 PREPAY Make a plan to prepay your home loan to ease the interest load and get a tax break 40 TAX-SMART This year, too, the taxi meter of taxes will keep moving.

    April 2014: 42 Making Good the Bad Stocks of public sector banks have been affected by rising number of loans going bad. Can the banking daddies overcome the challenge?

    March 2014: 42 Best funds 2014 Presenting our annual rating of 250 mutual fund schemes to help you find the best funds on offer, how your existing investments are faring, and where you should invest 58 All new olm 50 Our choicest 50 MFs across various categories culled out from rated funds to provide you with a catalogue for future investments 62 first among equals Find out how the schemes of top-performing fund houses have fared and whether your fund house is among the frontrunners 64 does size matter? Well, Sebi thinks so and that’s why it has upped the net worth requirement of AMCs from `10 crore to `50 crore. But will it help?

    February 2014: Home loans give you significant tax deductions that can spare you from buying tax saving investments. The four must-know tax break

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